The Earliest States of Eastern Europe
DG-2012, 381-393

Клеомен III и освобождение илотов

S. K. Sizov

According to Plutarch (Cleom. 23. 1), Cleomenes III, the
Spartan king, in 223 B.C., on the eve of the decisive battle against Antigonus
Doson at Sellasia, freed six thousand helots who could pay fi ve silver
minas, and equipped two thousand men with Macedonian weapons. Presumably
the two thousand were granted Spartan citizenship and at Sellasia
they fought in the ranks of the “Lacedaemonians”. This passage of Plutarch
is much discussed and leaves a considerable space for suppositions.
The author assumes that, fi rst, the fi gures given by Plutarch are not so exaggerated
as some scholars think; second, that the liberation of helots was
a purely fi scal measure, not a new stage of “the Spartan revolution”, third,
that the two thousand warriors armed in Macedonian manner were not chosen
among the freed helots, as most scholars assume, but most likely were
selected from the corps of mercenaries fi ghting on Cleomenes’ side.

Sparta, Hellenism, helots, perioeci, Cleomenes III, cleros, hoplite, Lacedaemonians

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