The Earliest States of Eastern Europe
John H. Lind John H. Lind

slavicist from Copenhagen University 1973 (cand.mag. History/Russian and con amore fenno-ugrist) 
Dr. phil. from Copenhagen University 1993 Odense University (now University of Southern Denmark) 1980-, affiliated member of the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
Corresponding member of The Society of Swedish Literature in Finland (1992-)


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  • Религиозно-политические предпосылки «Рукописания короля свейского Магнуша» по шведским и русским источникам - DG-1999, 211-229
  • To the queston of a reform of the posadnik institution in Novgorod c. 1300 and the dating of Novgorod documents - DG-1995, 263-270