The Earliest States of Eastern Europe
DG-2021, 8-336

Eastern Europe in the Mirror of Arabic-Persian Literature: Selected Articles

T. M. Kalinina

Institute of World History of the Russian Academy of Sciences


For citation: Kalinina, Тatjana М. Eastern Europe in the Mirror of Arabic-Persian Literature: Selected Articles // Drevneishie gosudarstva Vostochnoi Evropy (The Earliest States of Eastern Europe). 2021: Eastern Europe and the World of Islam. In honor of Tatjana M. Kalinina. Editors of the volume B.E. Rashkovskiy, E.V. Litovskikh, E.A. Melnikova. Moscow: Dmitry Pozharsky University, 2021. S. 8–336.


DOI: 10.32608/1560-1382-2021-42-8-336


AbstractThis part of the volume includes a revised and supplemented re-edition of previously published papers of Tatjana M. Kalinina. The articles deal with to two complexes of problems. The first one is devoted to the geography of Eastern Europe as represented in medieval Arabic and Persian writings. The author analyzes the information on Eastern Europe preserved in the works of medieval Islamic historians, geographers and cartographers: al-Fergani (9th c.), Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarazmi (first half of the 9th c.), Ibn Khordadbeh (9th c.), al-Ya’kubi (9th c.), Ibn Qutayba (9th c.), al-Balazuri (9th c.), at-Tabari (9–10th c.), Ibn al-Battani (10th c.), al-Istakhri (10th c.), Ibn Haukal (10th c.), Kudama ibn Ja’far (10th c.), Ibn al-Faqih (10th c.), Ibn Rusteh (10th c.), al-Mas‘udi (10th c.), Agapius of Hierapolis (10th c.), Ibn Fadlan (10th c.), al-Biruni (11th c.), Gardizi (11th c.), al-Bakri (11th c.), al-Marvazi (late 11th – early 12th c.), al-Idrisi (12th c.), and Ibn al-Athir (13th c.). Models of different regions of the world on the early medieval Islamic mental maps are studied as well as the representation of East European lands, water basins and river routes. Fragments of early medieval Islamic maps are published.

The information related to Scythia (East European steppes), the Tanais (the Don), the Strait of Constantinople (the Bosporus and Dardanelle), Chersonesus, the Caspian Sea and the Slavic ‘cities’ is analyzed. It is demonstrated how good was the acquaintance of Arabic authors with these regions, how real geographical facts and information about these regions transformed in their image of the world, and how large was their dependence on classical (especially Ptolemaic) tradition.  The editing, transforming, and supplementing of the information in the process of its passing from one author to another is retraced (these observations allow also to reconstruct the non-extant sources). Several articles discuss the information about various peoples (both real and imaginary) of the South-East of Eastern Europe, the Turks, the Pechenegs, the Bulgars, the ‘Burdjans’. The analysis of the mythologized appreciation of ethnic names by Arabic authors leads to the conclusion that some of these names are polysemantic and conventional and they could have been applied to different peoples of Europe.

The second complex of articles is focused on the information preserved in medieval Arabic-Persian geographical treatises about the Slavs (both Eastern and those of Central Europe). The place the Slaves occupied in the Arabic image of the world is discussed within the frameworks of the Arabic division of the habitable world into ‘climates’ and ‘genealogy’ of nations as descendents of one of the sons of Noah. Special attention is paid to the social structure of the Slavs and the Rus’ as well as the Arabic terms designating the ruling elite and various groups of dependent population.  The attention is also focused on such important and problematic aspects of the old Russian economy as the collection of tribute and export commodities used in the international trade.



Geography of Eastern Europe

Visual Information Models of Eastern Europe in Arabic Geographical Works (before al-Idrisi)

An Arabic Source of the 10th Century (Geographical Treatise Clean Brothers) on the Territory of the USSR and Adjacent Regions

Information of al-Khwārizmī on Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Scythia in the Works of Arab-Persian Writers

Sea of Azov in Ancient, Medieval European and Arabic Cartography (co-authored with Alexander V. Podossinov)

Tanais or Boristhenes in the Perception of Arab Geographers

Caspian Sea, Khazars, and Kuyaba (Cumans?) on a Rectangular World Map in the Book of Miracles of the 11th Century

‘Surat al-ard’ of Medieval Arabs and Khazars

The Türks in the Image of the World of Medieval Arab-Persian Writers

The Pechenegs and the Way from Urgench to them

The Ethnic Name Burdjan in the Works of Medieval Arab Geographers (Variants of the Correlation of Oral and Written Traditions)

Kherson in Arabic Geographical Literature

Strait of Constantinople According to the Views of Arab Medieval Scholars (before al-Idrisi).

Arab Scholars about the Norman Invasion of Seville in 844

Eastern Slavs and Rus

Arab Sources of the 8th–9th Centuries on the Slavs

Ra‘is ar-ru‘asa‘ as-Sakaliba and rcωn tn Sklabhnn

Etiological and Etymological Legends of the Persian Writer of the 11th Century: Gardizi about the Slavs

Genealogies of Eastern European Peoples in the Historical Consciousness of Medieval Arab Writers

Eastern European Rulers According to the Arab-Persian Geographers of the 10th Century

Ibn Fadlan’s Term ‘People of Home’ (ahl al-bayt) in its Relation to the Society of Rus

Fur Trade in the Volga Basin According to Arab Scientists of the 9th – 10th Centuries

Tributes and Levies in Ancient Russia According to the Anonymous Note of Arab-Persian Authors

Two Slavic Cities According to Eastern Sources

Fihrist of Ibn al-Nadim (10th century) on the Script and System of Writing of Some Eastern and Western European Peoples

Arabo-Persian medieval written sources, cartography, geography, images of Eastern Europe, Ancient Russia, social terminology

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